School Aged Programs

This program is tailored and designed to families whom work long hours on school days.

Ages: 5-9 years old

What We're About

At Laugh & Learn Sparwood our programs are always growing and evolving. The following foundational roots serve to ensure we stay true to our visions, philosophy and core values. We support Early Learning through play, creative opportunities and exceptional education experiences. We provide each child with the opportunity to learn, grow, problem solve, think critically, experience success and positively manage challenges.

We build genuine and respectful connections and relationships. We celebrate all moments, successes & milestones. We are a close-knit and friendly space that provides a fun, engaging experience for families in our community.

Meet Our Team

Our Educators are a great collaborative team that works hard to design a fun and safe supportive environment for each individual child’s growth and development stages ages 3 – 10 years old. Each educator has a wide range of skills and experience and holds an Early Childhood Certificate, Early Childhood Assistant Certificate or Responsible Adult Certificate as well as first aid: CPR and AED, and a clear criminal record check.

Owner/Early Childhood Educator
3-5 Year Group Care/Program Teacher Early Childhood Assistant
School Aged & 3-5 Year Group Care
Early Childhood Assistant
Early Childhood Educator I/T
School Aged & 3-5 Year Group Care Teacher
Early Childhood Assistant
School Aged & 3-5 Year Group Care Teacher

What Parents Say